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Ofem Ubi
Ofem Ubi


MARY BENEDICTA. “I see the world as compressed

I am Mary Benedicta, a dancer.

My Art as a dancer has helped shaped my idea of people, people are not what they look like, a lot of things are embedded in an individual and it goes beyond words.

Dance has become my safe haven, an expressive escape where I can pour out everything without having to utter a word, regardless of the circumstance I dance when there’s a song, not just because it leaves me happy but it also leaves me light.

Dance is a means of non-verbal communication, it says everything that needs to be said not through speech this time, but via body movements, emotions and adequate calculation of steps, it speaks directly to the heart.

 There’s actually a ton of good in a world consumed with evil, a little bit of joy and happiness.

My Art has helped me see the world as compressed. When I dance, the world becomes smaller to me and that helps me grab a handful understanding of the universe we exist in, that every action is often triggered by something and in that space, it becomes my stage, with everyone watching.

My Art as a dancer has healed me of hate, isolation, the thought of quitting, suicide thoughts, it also became a heartbreak remedy for me at a time.

I dance to help people come out of their ills, and in the process, it heals me as well. Its more of a ‘heal and be healed’ activity.

My Art and I are here to stay, this is who I am.